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Is your brand strong enough to compete?

2019-02-07T17:11:48+01:007. February 2019|

The fast changing business landscape has made strong brands highly crucial to a company’s success. Companies across the globe are competing with each other. Countries, regions and continents no more [...]

Spend analytics improves cost efficiency

2018-12-11T21:44:22+01:0011. December 2018|

An organization’s spending, particularly in a decentralized organization, is highly obscured with limited visibility of how money is spent. This poses a challenge to identification of cost saving opportunities, which, in [...]

Manage your culture, or it will manage you

2018-11-30T20:54:17+01:002. November 2018|

Few managers excel at optimising culture. While they’re aware of surveys that reveal two-thirds of employees are disengaged, they don’t know how to break down culture into readily identifiable components. [...]

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