Maximize the valuation of your company

2021-07-26T18:08:01+01:0024. July 2021|

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) play an increasingly important role for companies looking to scale their operations appropriately, transition into new markets, or simply survive. For owners who plan to sell [...]

ESG increasingly influencing M&A transactions

2021-04-18T19:26:21+01:0016. April 2021|

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have become a growing focus for companies and their shareholders, financiers, employees and other stakeholders, they have also become increasingly important to the [...]

When culture clash kills the merger

2021-04-05T20:00:54+01:0031. March 2021|

Mergers and acquisitions are a key part of many organisations’ strategies. Often, millions of euros are at stake as well as the very future of the organisations and the executives [...]

M&A target screening is still complex

2021-01-16T12:14:28+01:0015. January 2021|

Performing buy-side M&A transactions starts with an expert-level understanding of an industry, including key players, personnel and future trends. The most successful acquirers within a market take years understanding the [...]

Private Equity in a post-COVID-19 world

2020-12-04T20:09:05+01:003. December 2020|

How does private equity navigate an unprecedented global human and economic catastrophe that goes far beyond the institutional memory of any organization? History books don’t offer a lot of insights, [...]

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