Culture as a link in global branding

2018-09-29T16:08:55+01:0017. May 2015|

One of the biggest implications of globalization for companies seeking to expand to foreign shores is the task of balancing standardization with customization. From a branding perspective, this issue assumes [...]

CFOs advantage of Big Data

2018-09-29T16:16:07+01:0015. April 2015|

As many CFOs expand their role to become a strategic decision-making partner of the CEO and take on operational oversight (including IT), they’re seeking ways to utilize Big Data and [...]

CSR plays a significant role in M&A strategy

2018-09-29T16:18:26+01:0011. March 2015|

An organization’s reputation and longevity requires more than financial prosperity. Highly publicized corporate scandals and M&A disasters are a real threat to a corporation’s long-term sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) [...]

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