Unlock the hidden capital reserves

2018-09-30T13:09:31+01:0028. July 2014|

While the cliché “cash is king” is old, it never gets tired. Positive cash flow after all necessary operational and maintenance expenses and debt service is a sign of a [...]

Don’t miss your next talent

2018-09-30T13:12:36+01:0018. June 2014|

New studies reveal that even for low-level positions a failed hire costs a company double the person's annual salary and at higher levels, the cost can be six times annual [...]

Digitization – The Future of Today

2018-09-30T13:16:16+01:0011. June 2014|

The pace at which our world is turning to digitization is accelerating. It's becoming a megatrend. In order to compete in an ever-changing environment, companies - especially small and medium [...]

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