CFOs Struggle to Leverage Supply Chain

2018-09-29T13:21:53+01:0023. September 2016|

Global supply chains tend to deliver better results at lower costs when CFOs and supply-chain leaders work closely together. That's why CFOs know that supply chain performance has a direct [...]

The CDO becomes hero of tomorrow

2018-09-29T13:24:00+01:001. September 2016|

Data is rapidly becoming the raw material of future business success. Its importance as a fundamental driver and competitive advantage is quickly on its way – if not already here. [...]

The art of organic growth

2018-09-29T13:31:43+01:0013. June 2016|

Most business enterprises are faced with the challenge of growing their respective businesses. At the most basic level, business growth can be divided into two broad categories: organic and inorganic. [...]

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