How to audit digital risks

2018-09-29T13:47:19+01:006. January 2016|

Many of the top risks organizations face today are related to technology. As a result, internal auditors are paying close attention to areas such as cybersecurity, data privacy, and social [...]

HR is still knocking down walls

2018-09-29T13:51:43+01:0015. December 2015|

For the past two decades, a unique paradox has existed regarding the role of Human Resources (HR). Leaders and staff in HR have grown more interested in gaining a “seat [...]

Our CEO is passed away. How to act?

2018-09-29T13:53:02+01:0011. December 2015|

A CEO’s death profoundly affects virtually every stakeholder connected to the company and can trigger strong emotional reactions and a loss of mental focus. The scope of such an impact [...]

The achilles of IT sourcing

2018-09-29T13:54:15+01:0016. November 2015|

The large enterprise IT service providers that corporate technology professionals deal with daily have been joined by a host of start-ups, cloud providers, consumer technology companies, and marketing agencies with [...]

Succeed with IT projects

2018-09-29T15:56:31+01:0020. October 2015|

The world of enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, BI and SCM apps) tells many stories of IT implementation - especially ERP solutions - disasters and are numerous and stunning in scale and [...]

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