Digitize Your Supply Chain (Now)

2019-05-28T19:16:16+01:0023. May 2019|

The digital economy is putting pressure on traditional supply chain models to conform to the “now” generation. To avoid disruption, companies must give customers what they want, when they want [...]

Spend analytics improves cost efficiency

2018-12-11T21:44:22+01:0011. December 2018|

An organization’s spending, particularly in a decentralized organization, is highly obscured with limited visibility of how money is spent. This poses a challenge to identification of cost saving opportunities, which, in [...]

Success in a digital world

2018-09-29T11:45:59+01:0022. September 2018|

Digitization is a key challenge for companies, since the Internet has become a part of mainstream society and reaches all social, age and population groups. The fact that the Internet [...]

The Future of Retail

2018-09-29T10:16:47+01:0026. April 2018|

By the year 2025, the retail shopping experience is expected to look dramatically different than it does today. It’s being reshaped by the accelerated pace of new technology and changing [...]

Digital transformation challenges management

2018-09-29T11:41:44+01:009. March 2018|

Many organizations are currently dealing with the implications of digitalization for the business and its systems, processes and people. Today’s business environment is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity [...]

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