Time for CEOs to acknowledge HR

2018-09-29T16:25:56+01:0027. January 2015|

CEOs and board-level executives may be missing opportunities to take the necessary actions to drive effective execution and skill development if they continue to see HR as “the least strategic [...]

A sad truth about your workplace

2018-09-29T16:29:26+01:002. November 2014|

According to new groundbreaking studies, 46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months, while only 19% will achieve unequivocal success. But contrary to popular belief, technical skills are [...]

Add value to your HR initiatives

2018-09-29T16:40:29+01:002. September 2014|

Organizations today are moving faster than ever and too many HR leaders are assuming that what they are doing is working. A recent study from IMG Research Institute revealed that [...]

Orchestration of “co-leadership”

2018-09-29T16:45:11+01:004. August 2014|

Short product life cycles, complex markets, and a declining half-life value for knowledge demand more than just the transformation of the familiar working environment. The scope of change involves nothing [...]

Digitization – The Future of Today

2018-09-30T13:16:16+01:0011. June 2014|

The pace at which our world is turning to digitization is accelerating. It's becoming a megatrend. In order to compete in an ever-changing environment, companies - especially small and medium [...]

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