Meet our global Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of IMG is responsible for working in support of, or between board meetings and in an emergency in place of, the full board. Our Executive Committee duties are based on providing organizational direction on behalf of the board and advising the board on decisions and business matters ranging from strategy planning, policy, investment and risk.

The Executive Committee performs the work typically associated with a finance committee, an audit committee and a personnel committee, including:

1. Performing policy work
• Carry out specific directions of the board, and take action on policies when they affect the work of the Executive Committee or when the full board directs the committee to do so.
2. Acting as liaison to IMG’s regional management team
• Nurture the regional managing director by providing counsel, feedback, and support when needed.
• Facilitate annual assessment of the regional management team and report the results of the assessment to the management director.
• Advise the regional management team - especially the regional managing director - on personnel matters.
• Review and approve personnel policies recommended by the regional managing director.
3. Helping develop a strategic plan
• Initiate the board's involvement in establishing a strategic plan.
4. Overseeing budget preparation and financial planning
• Propose for board approval of a budget that reflects the organization’s goals and board policies.
• Ensure that the budget accurately reflects the needs, expenses, and revenue of the organization.
• Review financial statements and investment reports and report significant variances or issues to the board.
5. Safeguarding the organization’s assets
• Ensure that the organization has the proper risk-management provisions in place, including adequate insurance coverage.
6. Handling urgent issues
• Resolve an emergency or organizational crisis.

Kyle Sanders

Kyle Sanders, MD
United States
Research and Knowledge Institute

Christian Osten Florence

Christian Östen Florence, MD
Germany & France

Mark P. Walsh

Mark P. Walsh, MD
United Kingdom

Steve H. Hansen

Steve H. Hansen, MD
Norway, Sweden & Denmark

Christa A. Jenkins

Christa A. Jenkins, DP
Financial Services & IT



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