Our Services & Features

  • Customer Support
    Email support and documentation including in all of our packages.

  • DPO Assessment
    Discover if your organisation needs a DPO and what internal processes you need to put in place.

  • DPO as a 3rd Party Service
    Outsource your DPO requirements to us, with Premium and Enterprise levels of service.

  • Automated Legal Risk Tool
    Automate Legal Risk Analysis with our GDPR Toolbox.



  • Legal Risk Reports for Stakeholders
    Produce legal risk reports for stakeholders, and test data to ensure ongoing compliance.

  • Remediation Checklist
    Choose from a do-it-yourself starter pack, and an accelerator remediation package making use of our team of consultants.

  • Simple and easy monthly payments
    Manage your GDPR compliance costs with monthly payments or pay annually for a 10% discount.

  • GDPR Training Courses
    The only training courses provided by leading Data and GDPR Barristers.


The deadline was on 25th May 2018

GDPR is a benefit for your business, not just an obligation.


Go Ahead With GDPR

Readiness Review

Data & Purpose Review

Notifications Review & Remediation

Data Subject Rights Review & Remediation



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