In Short

  • Every business decision presents a chance to create – or destroy – value. To make the right choice, you need to combine big-picture perspective with a firm grasp of the details.

    We bring the experience and expertise you need to turn insight into action and improve results.

  • Our strategy and transformations expertise is based on solid business experience.

    When your organization needs profound change, we bring an independent and professional perspective along with the tools, personnel, and insight to put it into action. Our team will partner with yours to drive a company-led process including:

    • Strategy Development & Implementation
    • Total Company Performance Improvement & Transformation
    • Program Management
  • At IMG we have deep experience in holistic operational improvement. Our distinctive data-analytics capabilities enable us to deliver informed insights and sustainable improvements through:

    • Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Development and Purchasing Transformation
    • Technical Cost Reduction
    • Manufacturing / Distribution Footprint Optimization
    • End-to-end Supply Chain Performance Improvement
    • Lean Operations
    • S&OP and Inventory Optimization
    • Product Development & Product Life Cycle Management
  • Profitable growth drives up valuation, attracts talent, and keeps a company thriving. But it doesn’t happen automatically.

    Our experienced teams have the strong process discipline, insightful analytics, and program design/implementation skills to help you focus investments in the right areas, capture the full value of your offerings, and design future growth in the right way for your particular organization. We do this through:

    • Customer & Product Profitability
    • Pricing
    • Marketing Productivity
    • Channel Optimization
    • Sales Force Effectiveness
    • Product Planning & Innovation
    • Growth Strategy
    • Marketing/Sales Merger Integration
  • We pair real-world experience with proprietary analytical capabilities to help companies tackle functional cost reduction and achieve results – quickly.

    Decades of experience have taught us how to identify overlooked opportunities, while protecting critical elements of each function across:

    • Labor Productivity
    • Outsourcing, Offshoring, & Nearshoring
    • Organizational Restructuring
    • Shared Services Design & Implementation
    • G&A Optimization
    • Indirect Spend Reduction
  • In good times and bad, a relentless focus on cash flow and efficiency is integral to the success of a business. We partner with you to manage working capital during all economic cycles.

    We work with you with the goals of improving cash flow and protecting the balance sheet.

    Working with customers and suppliers, we can help you optimize net cash flows on receivables and payables. When it’s time to reinvest your cash, we’ll help you to identify the targets and integrate the assets into your growing business.

    We take a data-driven, practical approach that achieves rapid, sustainable benefits through:

    • Inventory Optimization
    • AR/AP Efficiency
    • CapEx Efficiency
    • Cash Management
  • We have a rigid attitude towards compliance with our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Our decisions are based on facts, objectively considered.
  • Our firm is kept in adjustment with the forces at work in its environment.
  • Our people are judged on the basis of their performance, not on personality, education, or personal traits and skills.
  • Our firm is administered with a sense of competitive urgency.
  • Integrity | We do the right thing regardless of the consequences.
  • Pursuit of Excellence | We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.
  • Accountability | We take responsibility for individual and collective actions.
  • Collaboration | We work together to achieve collective and individual goals.
  • Passion | Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.


Watch the little things

The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we don’t recognize !

greythinOperational issues are increasingly on the agenda of top business leaders, who recognize that world-class operations are the key to staying ahead of the competition.

IMG can help your organization build a world-class value chain and achieve operational excellence. Many of the issues companies face in striving for operational excellence are common across industries:

  • How do you manage the increasing variety in customer demand and reduce product cost at the same time?
  • How do you integrate the newly emerging markets, such as China or India, into the overall operations network?
  • How can you contribute to product and process innovation?
  • How do you master increasing complexity along the entire value chain?
  • How can you develop an intelligent approach to building and managing extended supplier networks and outsourcing?
  • How do you sustain lasting efficiency?

Processes, Supply Chain, Improvements, Lean and Diversity

greythinIMG is widely recognized for its excellence in operations management consulting. Whatever your company is facing, we can help address the issues by providing a strategic perspective and developing innovative solutions. Our Side-by-Side™ style working with our clients supports you in achieving real change.


Operations capabilities

greythinToday’s fiercely competitive global economy raises the stakes in virtually every industry.

To succeed, companies must cut fat and become lean, move faster, and grow more efficient. They must reinforce their core capabilities, find fresh sources of differentiation, and develop the capacity for ongoing change.

Read more (right column) about some of the major competencies in operations, IMG covers.


Our work

IMG’s approach is to find and implement opportunities to improve cash flow. We help companies release cash from the balance sheet, cut costs from operations, and improve asset effectiveness.

IMG views attaining leanness as a way to deeply transform business competitiveness. Our approach ensures success by integrating four critical areas: business strategy, operational effectiveness, staff engagement, and performance management.
IMG helps companies build trim, flexible manufacturing networks that can adapt quickly to changing market needs. We focus on reducing costs, increasing capacity by improving efficiency, and helping companies find and leverage capabilities that generate competitive advantage.
IMG helps companies achieve a competitive advantage through the prudent use of outsourcing, which can improve quality and productivity, power innovation, provide new sources of revenue, open up new markets, and deliver a sustainable cost benefit.
The ability to manage large-scale change is critical to operations work. Our proprietary approach ensures that change efforts deliver the intended results and that new capabilities are embedded in the organization.
We help companies pinpoint which customer encounters really drive behaviors such as attrition, advocacy, or greater spending, and then focus improvement efforts on these critical points.
We work with companies to reduce unnecessary complexity, develop needed purchasing strategies, create low-cost global building blocks, and construct stronger and more-productive relationships with suppliers.
We work with companies to redesign their supply chains for optimal flexibility and the strategic advantage gained by being able to deliver the right product – at the right time and in the right way – to each customer segment.



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