Entering new markets ain’t easy, but …

2018-09-29T13:33:45+01:008. April 2016|

If you’re considering leading your business into a new sector, don’t underestimate the value of market analysis. Solid research into customers, competitors, past trends and emerging developments is the foundation [...]

Omni-channel reinforces your brand

2018-09-29T13:36:59+01:0017. March 2016|

In 2016, value for the customer should be what marketers and PR professionals focus on first. Value drives everything for one simple reason – we’ve lost control over delivery and [...]

Digitization is all about customers

2018-09-29T13:38:06+01:008. March 2016|

It seems everyone these days—from global business leaders to public intellectuals to government representatives—is talking about how digitalization will fundamentally change the way we live and work. Indeed, significant technological [...]

LEAN your non-manufacturing processes and Win Big

2018-09-29T13:40:34+01:001. March 2016|

TPI (Transactional Process Improvement) is the implementation of breakthrough improvements in the most critical and knowledge-based processes in your organization by bringing traditional LEAN management techniques to the non-manufacturing departments. [...]

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